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    Annual Theme: Leveraging Emotion-Recognizing AI for Better Mental Health! (2024-6-21)

    This theme explores the pioneering advancements in AI technology that enable the accurate recognition and understanding of human emotions, promising profound implications for mental health diagnosis, therapy, and care.

    Official IPsyO Preparation Materials Now Live! (2024-6-20)

    The official prep materials for IPsyO are now live on the IPsyE system. Registered students can log in to access them at IPsyE System using the email used for registration, with default password as ipsyo. Address: https://learn.ipsyo.org/#/login

    Updates for Sample Peper (2024-5-31)

    The previous sample paper (May 21) contained an inaccuracy regarding the number of questions. We have now released an updated version that corrects this information. Please download the version dated May 31.

    IPsyO Opens for Individual Registration in 2024 (2024-5-23)

    Due to a system upgrade, we kindly ask all students who submitted their forms before May 22nd to please resubmit them. Thank you for your cooperation.

    New Sample Paper Released (2024-5-21)

    The latest Sample Paper aligning with the new format is now available at the Resources page. Download it now to familiarize yourself with the updated exam requirements.

    Schedule of 2024 IPsyO Announced (2024-5-20)

    The 2024 IPsyO will be held on August 10, 2024. Registration closes on July 31.

    Introducing "Psychology Lens" Section: Your Gateway to Psychological Wisdom (2024-5-15)

    Dive deeper into the world of psychology with bite-sized articles designed to provide ongoing insight. Explore our inaugural article, "Overview of Psychology," and embark on your journey of discovery today!

    Update of the IPsyO Syllabus Completed (2024-5-14)

    Today, we've completed the update of the IPsyO syllabus. Based on APA's "National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula," the IPsyO syllabus comprises 6 domains. This outline will serve as a guide for IPsyO competition questions, making it a crucial resource for students preparing for the event. Stay tuned as we develop the official IPsyO study guide based on this syllabus!

  • International Psychology Olympiad

    The Global Platform and Arena for Psychology Enthusiasts in High Schools

    The International Psychology Olympiad (IPsyO) is an annual competition for high school students.

    In bringing together gifted students, the IPsyO competition challenges and stimulates these students to expand their talents and potential to become the next generation of leaders in mind and behavior science.

    Our Mission

    As the premier high school psychology student competition worldwide,

    our mission is to identify, inspire, empower and support the students who are interested and talented in psychology;

    and develop their psychological knowledge and skills to benefit society and improve lives.

  • Our Goals

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    Develop an awareness of how psychological research can be applied to address real-world problems and promote positive change.

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    Foster curiosity, creativity and promote their future careers as scientists.



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    Identify and recognize highly gifted psychology students, and to stimulate their talents further.

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    Shape an international network of Psychology talents and future psychology leaders.

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    Set new standards in the education and assessment of highly gifted psychology students.

  • Participating Countries

    United efforts across continents in empowering future psychologist.

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    More countries are joining...

  • The Psychology Lens

    A Deep Dive into the Human Mind and Behavior

    Introduction to Psychology
    Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Its main goals are to...