• Interactive Psychology Learning Experience

  • About IPsyE

    IPsyE is an interactive learning system designed to help students learn psychological knowledge and theory through a combination of text-based courses and simulated counseling sessions. It aims to prepare students for the International Psychology Olympiad (IPsyO) exams.

    IPsyE comprises two main modules: IPsyO Academy and Virtual Therapy. The interactive format, which includes both text-based learning and simulated role-playing, adds an element of engagement and fun to the learning process.

    IPsyO Academy

    This module offers text-based courses that cover psychological theories, concepts, definitions, and characteristics. It is designed to help students prepare for the objective and short answer questions of the IPsyO exams.

    Virtual Therapy
    This module provides simulated counseling sessions where students roleplay as a counselor assisting visitors with psychological problems. It aligns with the application questions in the IPsyO exams that involve simulated counseling scenarios.

  • What is Unique?

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    Learn from Interactive Psychology Course and Case

    Teach psychology via interactive psychology cases that engage students in real human world with embedded concepts and knowledge

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    Exercise Questions to Test Mastering

    Students can read through educational materials and complete practice questions to reinforce their learning.

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    Connect Theories with Realities

    A well balance between learning psychology theories and learning from real human emotions. Students act as a model psychiatrist in Virtual Therapy and use theories and explanations to solve clients' problems.

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    A 10-sessions Compact Program

    Each case consists of 10 sequential dialogues between the visitor and the student counselor. The visitor describes their situation through video clips, and students must choose appropriate responses from multiple choice options.

  • IPsyE gives students an opportunity to emphathize different human emotions, feelings and obstacles of other people, which help build a more mature, well-rounded and strong mental status.