• Summary and Results

    IPsyO 2023

  • Competition Framework

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    Concept Understanding

    Define and explain concepts, behavior, theories, and perspectives.

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    Application and Analysis

    Apply theories and perspectives in authentic contexts.

    Analyze/ evaluate research scenarios from a methodological and ethical perspective.

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    Research Design

    Design experiments.

    Analyze and interpret quantitative data.

  • Schedule of IPsyO

    Online, 2022-2023

    NOTE: The schedule of IPsyO 2023 has been updated as follows:

    • International Final Round: 12-13 August 2023
    • Registration Deadline: 25 July 2023
  • How to Participate

    • Make sure that your organization can hold an appropriate selection process and support the students
    • IPsyO 2023 allows participation as individual
    • Appoint a coordinator
    • Sign up for the Organization
    • Wait for the decision of the Executive Board and for the invitation