• Interactive Psychology Learning Experience

  • About IPsyE

    Interactive Psychology Learning Experience (IPsyE) is an interactive-learning course program developed by IPsyO. The IPsyE Program aims to equip students with fundamental psychology analytical skills in an interactive and engaging way so that the students could have the abilities to compete well in the International Psychology Olympiad. The IPsyE can also act as an independent course program alone in schools that want to enrich students' learning experience.


    Since 2023, the completion of IPsyE will be a pre-requisite for all students who want to compete in IPsyO in order to enhance the overall performance level and guarantee the competing experiences in IPsyO.


    IPsyE is easily accessible and usable via IPsyE's dedicated web-based online learning platform.

  • What is Unique?

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    Learn from Interactive Psychology Cases

    Teach psychology via interactive psychology cases that engage students in real human world with embedded concepts and knowledge

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    Connect Theories with Realities

    A well balance between learning psychology theories and learning from real human emotions. Students act as a model psychiatrist in IPsyE and use theories and explanations to solve clients' problems.

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    A 20-sessions Compact Program

    15 hours of learning consisting of total 20 sessions with one interactive case each - easy and flexible to arrange by different school schedules - equals to one school credit

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    Analytical Questions to Test Mastering

    Each case provides analytical questions to test students' level of understanding, resulting to an IPsyE Certificate and a grading score

  • IPsyE gives students an opportunity to emphathize different human emotions, feelings and obstacles of other people, which help build a more mature, well-rounded and strong mental status.